EFLAB classic method The combined apparatus consisting of the Kjeldahl digestion unit and a distillation unit allows you to analyze 6 samples per unit at the same time.

Get faster results thanks to simultaneous digestion and distillation. All hot plates can be digitally controlled individually, allowing you to process different samples in the same processing step.

500,750 or 1000 ml Kjeldahl bottles are ideal for large volumes, strong foaming samples or digestions with low nitrogen content.

Its compact design and the vertical structure of the apparatus leave you in more space in the lab. Ergonomic arrangement allows you to work safely and comfortably.

Trust our 15 years of EFLAB brand experience.

EFLAB brand Kjeldahl distillation and digestion units are conventionally used in 75% of the environmental laboratory located in Turkey.

The complete set we offer provides all the components you need, from the glass exhaust system to all the connecting hoses.