Standard equipment for fume cupboards:

2 x 230V 50Hz electrical socket
Water tap with control valve from front panel
Ventilated under-cabinet cupboard made of steel, coated with chemically resistant epoxy paint, connected to the hood ventilation system,
PP sink 280x80mm
study room lighting
air flow sensor
Acid-resistant PP Fan
Automatic controlled upward opening window
Tempered 6mm safety glass

Optional equipment:

additional environments: gas valves (technical gases and flammable gases), electrical outlets,
explosion-proof equipment (lighting, electrical sockets with plug adapter)
glazed side walls 700 × 500 mm, tempered safety glass 6 mm
stainless steel grille on the back wall
hood elements made of EN 1.4404 stainless steel (construction, interior room, countertop, body)
Possibility to place a safety cabin under the fume cupboard instead of a standard cabin