Fume Hoods are produced in accordance with a European Standard of EN14175 Performance and security Standards. All tests are performed in compliance with these criteria and in accordance with EN14175 Standards.
STONEWARE industrial ceramic that is one-piece and excludes joint in accordance with DIN-EN 12916 is furnished on working floor of device. Fluid products such as chemicals, acid or water poured within device are prevented to leak out by its self-elevated edges. Kitchen sink is also industrial ceramic in accordance with DIN-EN 12916 and strictly not influenced by acid or chemicals.
Considering your working circumstances and conditions, device may be covered with polypropylene, compact and ceramic and may provide safe use for years. Gas, water and vacuum taps in fume hoods are in accordance with DIN-EN 12920 standards and appropriate to working conditions and circumstances.

  • External width 90,120,150,180 cm    Working width  80,110,140,170 cm 
  • External depth 85cm                          Working depth 75 cm 
  • External height 210 cm                      Working height 80 cm 
  • Working surface : Antacid compact laminate standard 
  • Kitchen Sink : Polypropylene standard 
  • Current Window: 6 mm secured window standard 
  • Control panel : 4.3 inc touch screen     
  • Externally controlled gas tap : Standard 
  • Externally controlled water tap :  Standard    
  • Automatic windshield:   Standard        
  • Lamp IP 44
  • 4.3 inc touch screen    
  • 4 230 V 32 A IP 55 sockets on front column
  • 1 16 A for breaker fan
  • 1 16 A for breaker lighting
  • 2 16 A for breaker sockets
  • If possible, electrical sockets must be settled to external surface of fume hood instead of working space. In case those are settled next to working surface on external flat surface, they must be protected against fluid spillage and must have at least IP55 protection level in accordance with EN 60529.
  • Imported channel type quite running Polypropylene fan with a flow rate of approximately 1100 m3settled in upper division of which the engine is invisible must be available.  
  • Fan must be durable against acid and solvents.
  • Fan IP44 must have protection class and be non-flammable.